Miguel Palhas

Random (and Probably Useless) Rubyisms

Having written and read a lot of Ruby code, I occasionally come across some not-so-well-known features. Or even just a tiny detail that, as useless as it may be, I still find interesting.

In the past few days I finally got the chance (and the inspiration) to compile a list of those I found more useful.

Why Provisioning Matters

If you were ever in charge of configuring a web server, you must know how painful it can be sometimes. During your first learning days, you probably spent an awful lot of time SSH'ing into the server, trying out something you just found online. It probably ended up being a slow trial-and-error process before you got your first server up and running.

When I was at that point myself, I often thought “there’s probably a better way to do this”. And obviously, there is.